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At Punct Law experienced specialists solve legal challenges for large Danish, international and public sector organisations.

Our services are aimed at professionals who understand that efficiency and directness create the best results.


Punct’s value is rooted in deep legal expertise, extensive courtroom experience and industry knowledge.
We specialise in the following areas:

At Punct Law , we offer advice and assistance with the acquiring, selling, leasing, financing, etc. of properties. We have a deep understanding of commercial real estate and are comprehensively equipped to help our clients navigate the many legal aspects of the commercial real estate industry.

We work closely with our clients to understand their business and needs, and always help them find the best solution to their challenges. We are able to handle everything from contract drafting and negotiations to due diligence investigations.

Our team consists of specialised and experienced real estate lawyers, who are dedicated to providing the highest levels of quality, professionalism and service.

At Punct Law, we consider Corporate & Commercial to be a cross-cutting discipline that covers a number of individual areas of law. Cases in this area can deal with contracts, negotiations or disputes, and often have issues unique to the particular case. We believe the most effective approach to dealing with such cases is to bring a few specialists together to tackle the case collaboratively, as this provides a more comprehensive approach to solving the issue at hand.

Our Corporate & Commercial practice includes company law, where we advise on issues such as company formation, establishment of companies and branches, mergers, divisions, transformation and other restructuring of companies, termination and liquidation, share owner agreements, articles of association and matters of capital.

Within M&A, we advise on a number of matters such as the acquisition and sale of companies, due diligence and implementation of transactions.

We advise extensively on commercial contracts. These contracts can cover matters of purchase, sale and delivery terms, cooperation agreements, outsourcing agreements, supplier agreements, distribution and commercial agent contracts, IT contracts and franchise agreements.

Within insurance and compensation law, our advice is aimed at both insurance companies and policy holders and includes drafting and interpretation of insurance terms, claims handling, scope of cover, and report and calculation of loss.

We assist clients with GDPR compliance issues such as execution of compliance projects, data processing agreements, guidelines and templates, security gaps and transfer of personal data.

Within the area of employment law, our advice includes employment agreements, including director contracts, incentive schemes, non-competition and customer clauses, terminations and changes in employment, public employers and employee-elected board members.

Our specialists are able to conduct trials at all levels of the court systems, from city courts all the way up to the Supreme Court. We have effectively facilitated arbitration before both Danish and international institutions as well as ad hoc arbitrations.

We are a highly skilled team of lawyers who are used to working closely together, solving cases effectively and focusing on results. We are proud to say that our clients regularly praise our focus and teamwork and are consistently impressed by our ability to deliver high-quality products and results.

When starting a case, we quickly assess the procedural options and lay out an effective strategy for handling each of its elements (e.g. disclosure of the factual circumstances concerning the case, statements by parties concerned and relevant witnesses, other evidence (including expert evidence), procedural exchanges and oral hearings). We consider the size and weight of the case while being aware of all possible alternative solutions (settlement and other conflict resolution options). Doing this ensures fast and efficient handling of the case while still achieving success with regards to the client’s objective.

We have extensive experience with the many special procedural rules that apply to different types of arbitration proceedings such as the rules on obtaining evidence, written witness statements and expert statements from party-appointed experts.

We maintain a constant and comprehensive overview of our cases, continuously monitoring for changes to prerequisites and ensuring that our strategy and risk assessments are updated accordingly.

Many clients rightly perceive court and arbitration proceedings as costly and lengthy, and, as such, a sub-optimal way to settle a dispute. During the arbitration process we monitor and assess the settlement environment on an ongoing basis to make sure that we are always operating from a strong base of knowledge and therefore able to target the best possible settlement.

We advise Danish and foreign companies, insurance companies and reinsurance companies on matters regarding insurance law, tort law and liability. This includes defense of insured persons and entities, advice on interpretation of policies and terms, coverage analysis, advice on liability standards, calculation of losses, recourse, precautions when changing insurance, risk management, ATE insurance, etc.

We conduct a large number of litigation and arbitration proceedings on insurance and liability issues, usually on instructions from insurers.

We work frequently with almost all types of non-life and liability insurance.

Meet Punct’s partners and team
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Corporate & Commercial
Dispute Resolution
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Corporate & Commercial
Dispute Resolution
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Dispute Resolution
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We are Punct.
Our name represents what we stand for:

Direct advice
– straight to the point.

Focus on the right elements
– this includes the sore points.

Cases are handled with an eye for
detail and a determination to succeed.

Punct Law offers professional and straightforward legal advice to likeminded clients who know what they are looking for.

Our passions and skills are sharply focused on creating value for our clients, without unnecessary detours. We have deeply specialised expertise and our senior partners employ their extensive industry knowledge in every case our firm undertakes. We are experienced in handling large, complex and demanding cases, and always ensure a lean process that creates results.

Our clients are usually larger companies and public institutions, and we believe that the very best results are achieved when our legal advice and services become a central part of our clients processes and business.

Careers at Punct

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